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In recent years several European courts decided that through publishing weblinks the operator of a website can be held responsible for the content of the linked pages. This responsibility can only be waived by an explicit denial of such responsibility.
GCAS – Green Card Application Service and GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH herewith  declare that they have no influence on the design and content of any linked pages. Therefore GCAS – Green Card Application Service and GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH separate themselves from all contents of the linked pages. This declaration is valid for all weblinks, linked banners and linked photos which are leading to the linked webpages.

General Terms and Conditions of GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH as the operator of GCAS Greencard Application Service

GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH is a Swiss-German legally registered company. Therefore the German version of its terms and conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) is the only legally binding document for any cases of dispute. Following is a summarizing, free translation of such terms and conditions.

§1 Purview

1.1 Between GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH (in the following called „we“) and the client only our terms and conditions from the time of the closing of the contract are valid. 

For the consultation and application of any other visa except for the greencard lottery only our separately issued terms and conditions are valid.

1.2 Contrary, additional or from our terms and conditions differing terms and conditions of the client are not accepted, except under circumstances where we have explicitly and in writing accepted those terms and conditions. Our conditions are still valid despite our knowledge of contrary terms and conditions from the client's side as long as we fulfill our services unconditionally.

§2 Terms for the participation in the greencard lottery

2.1. Occurrence of the contract

2.1.1 Our offers in all kinds of media are simply informative but not legally binding. With the transmission of the electronic application form the client declares his agreement to the closing of the contract.

2.1.2 Within the limits of the online-application the order is executed by clicking on the button "Order", "Send", "I agree", "Submit" or similar. At any point during the ordertaking the client can correct his data or interrupt the order by pressing the "delete" button or by closing the browser. By clicking "Leave" or "Delete" or by leaving the website, the client may interrupt his order at any point during the registration process.

2.1.3 If the client closes the order by accepting the offer on the website, a confirmation of receipt email will be sent. This confirmation of receipt is not the acceptance of the contract, but simply to inform the client of the receipt of data.

2.1.4 A contract is only closed when the client receives an order-confirmation in text format or through our processing of the order form. The client therefore renounces his right of an explicit order acceptance. The order-confirmation can be combined with the login-confirmation.

2.1.5 During the online participation the contract text is saved by us.

2.2 Revocation Advise

2.2.1. Right of Revocation (Cancellation)
The client can revoke his contract in writing within 14 days upon the closing without giving further reasons. The letter of revocation has to be sent to:

GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH
Erlenring 7, 6020 Emmenbrücke, Schweiz
Telefax +41412820454
Email: info@greencard.ch

2.2.2. Revocation Proceedings
In case of a valid revocation all delivered services have to be reurned to us. If services can not be returned, the revocation becomes invalid.

2.2.3. Special Advise
The client's revocation right is waived if the client specifically agrees to an advanced end of the revocation period by using downloads or by login to the password secured area for payed clients.

2.3. Scope of Service
2.3.1. We provide our clients the qualifying participation in the official US-greencard lottery and advise them in case of a positive selection. We do not owe the client the issue of a visa as this decision is  under the sole authority of the US-authorities.

2.3.2. We submit the provided client data in the respective format to the US-authorities. We also offer digitalisation services for photographs if the client sends them in paper form to our offices. Photos may be adjusted to the necessary format. 

2.3.3. The services provided depends on the selected service package. Our standard application packages provide the client with the qualifying submission of their  application as well as a standard support upon positive selection. We also offer our clients specialised and personal support if they have special support needs after being selected.

2.3.4. We specifically advise our clients that a qualifying entry is only possible if they provide valid and correct data as well as all required photographs in correct format and in due time. In case of a missed submission due to incomplete data, the service is accounted for as rendered.

2.3.5. There is no revocation or cancellation possibility in case of changes of law, oversubscribed country quota, war, embargo, electronic transmission interruption or any other reason, which is not under our control or reasonably foreseeable.

2.3.6. If a client has chosen a multiple-year service and decides to cancel the services or has been selected as a winner, there will be no refunds of fees for non-rendered services for future submissions.

2.4. Duties of the client
2.4.1. The client is obliged to provide in due time all necessary information, data and documents that are required for the successful participation in the official greencard lottery.

2.4.2. Clients obliged to provide true and complete data about themselves and their respective family members. Any changes in marital status, birth or death of children or spouses and any other relvant data changes have to be registered by the client immediately. Clients are not allowed to register more than once in our data system. Clients can register for several submissions or multiple years though.  We cannot verify the truthfulness of the provided data.

2.4.3. The client permits with his application the use of provided photographs for the submission to the US-authorities.

2.4.4. We especially advise herewith that it is the clients duty to complete and file further documents with the US-authorities in case of a positive selection. Winning a greencard expires if deadlines are not met. It is the client's responsibility to ensure an embassy interview before 30 September in the year following the notification of the positive selection.

2.4.5. In case of neglectance of the client's duties, we waive any right for demand of further services.

2.5. Fees
2.5.1. Our fees are legally binding and inclusive of all respective Swiss taxes. Participation fees also include basic information and support upon positive selection.

2.5.2. Not included in the participation fees are additionally offered services for special and individual support after winning the greencard if not specified otherwise. Fees do also not include translation services and fees of third parties such as embassy fees, doctor fees and other administrative and similar fees.

2.5.3. Special offers will be announced in media or our webpage and declared as such.

2.5.4. If the client demands the sending of a Swiss postal payment slip, an additional charge of Sfr 17.- applies.

2.6. Payment
2.6.1. The service fee becomes due in full at the moment of the closing of the contract.

2.6.2. The client may chose between the various payment options offered on the website during the registration process.

2.6.3. The client has to fulfill his payment obligations within 10 days after the completion of the registration.

2.6.4. We reserve the right to deny further services if the client owes any part of the fees due.

2.7. Limited Liability
2.7.1. We are to be held fully liable in cases of material concealment of latent defects, claims according to the Swiss product liability law, damage of life, injury of body or health as well as cases of deliberate or negligently caused damages.

2.7.2 We are only liable for other claims in case of contract related duties, limited to the at the time of closing foreseeable damages.

2.7.3 Further claims of clients are exempted. We are especially not liable for lost profits or other damages of assets of the client.

2.7.4 We are only liable for the contents of our own webpage, www.greencard.ch as well as the other above mentioned domain names or domain names that are directly pointed to our website by ourselves. We are not liable for contents of our linked pages and have no influence on their content and design. We are not claiming linked contents to be our own. This declaration is valid for all links and pages which are linked from our website. If we get knowledge of unlawful content of external linked pages, we will immediately remove our links.

2.7.5 As far as our contractual liabilty is limited, this also applies to the liability for lawful representatives of our company.

2.7.6 Decisions of the U.S.-government and other U.S.-authorities are not within our influence. We therefore deny any claims resulting from decisions of any U.S.-government or other official U.S.-authority. This specifically applies to neglected or lost invitations for embassy or immigration appointments, which could lead to the fact that greencards are not claimable any longer.

2.8. Data protection
2.8.1. We ensure the privacy of all our clients and only forward the very necessary data to the respective US-authorities.

2.8.2. We do not forward client data to any third party, except if necessary or specifically demanded by the client. We also advise herewith that the US-authorities do not underly nor accept the rigorous european data protection standards.

2.8.3. In the scope of the law we allow ourselves to use client data for our own marketing purposes.

2.8.4. The client has the right to demand knowledge of all saved data under his application. The client can further demand the deletion of all such data. For this purpose the client can write to:  info@greencard.ch.

2.9. Customer Service
For questions, requests or complaints please contact our head office at:

GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH
Erlenring 7, 6020 Emmenbrücke, Schweiz
Telefax +41412820454
Email: info@greencard.ch

2.10. Concluding Clause
2.10.1. For all legal issues Swiss obligation law applies.

2.10.2. For all cases of dispute Emmenbrücke in Switzerland is the only venue of jurisdiction.

2.10.3. The language of the contract is German.

2.10.4. Should part of these terms and conditions be void, shall the remainder stilll be valid and a reasonable lawful rule shall be applied to the dispute.

Emmenbrücke, Switzerland, 23 February 2010
Live and Work
in the USA

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