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GCAS Green Card Application Service and GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH take the privacy of customers very seriously. We adhere to all legal requirements of data protection and privacy in order to protect our customers best.

We accept date from our clients via mail, fax, telephone and through the internet. Our IT-experts are very security minded specialists and have used the highest possible standards to ensure the security of our clients’ data. We would like our clients to be aware that the internet is not a 100% secure medium. Trojan horses on your own computer for example could send data to other computers. GCAS is very aware of the risks and we will always try to protect your data as much as we can.

Secure Payment
GCAS has decided to use an external payment provider. We do not store any of your credit card, debit card or postcard details. The data provided during the payment process will be directly send to the largest payment provider in Switzerland, the company Saferpay. For safety reasons we will store the IP-number during the application process. The user will be specifically informed about this procedure during step2 of the online-application.

For security reasons your IP-number will be saved during online applications. You are specificially notified about this during step 2 of the application procedure.

We will use the provided data to fulfil your demand for the registration for the greencard lottery. In order to carry out your request, we will submit only necessary data to the US-authorities. We will also use your data to inform you about news, changes and other important information with regards to the US-Greencard. We will not sell or give away client data to third parties except the US-government without your specific agreement.

If we pass on client data to other parties, then it is solely to our related partner or support providers, who help and support us in the process of our main task: Your successful registration for the US-greencard lottery. Our partner and support providers are bound to adhere to the same strict data protection as our own company. In specific cases of data abuse, lawsuits and/or fraudulent use of credit card information, GCAS reserves the right to pass on information to third parties. GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH, in Malters, Switzerland is the responsible party for data protection according to all respective laws.
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