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How GCAS was founded

Matthias Pfeiffer MBA, founder of GCAS/GCSS had lived in the USA in the early nineties. After his return to Europe US-homesickness has motivated him to engage in research on US-visa and residence options. This hobby soon became his second profession and today Mr. Pfeiffer advises US-interested people via internet, in seminars and through personal consultations about their options on living in the United States of America. Mr. Pfeiffer is also working since 20 years as a senior lecturer in finance and enterpreneuship studies for several renowned Swiss Hotel Universities.

What GCAS Does

More than 20 years ago the US-government has implemented a law to obtain a healthy mix of immigrants from all over the world. This complex law, known as the Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery) enables people from all over the world to bypass the otherwise strict conditions of US-immigration. Therefore the GCAS website and support provides non-American natives FREE information on the latest US immigration laws and regulations, and especially on the US Green Card Lottery Program (Diversity Visa Lottery). All the FREE information is for helping non-American natives to understand their US immigration options and privileges.

GCAS provides Support and extra Service worldwide

Since more than 15 years GCAS/GCSS is providing secure and trustworthy online registration for the US Green Card Lottery Program. In many TV and Radio interviews (see Our Winner) the owners and immigration experts of GCAS/GCSS have proofed their knowledge and expertise on US immigration issues. GCAS wants to help non-American natives to submit their applications for Greencards online, on time, and with no mistakes in order to secure a safe and healthy life in the USA. This service helps non-American natives to receive support and assistance during the registration process. Immigration experts then evaluate and check each application before final submission. GCAS also helps you in difficult situations and through special assistance. For more advantages of winning the greencard with GCAS click here.

Our Mission and Belief

GCAS believe that all information on the US Green Card Lottery Program must be available for all people worldwide with no exception of color, religion, race, gender, country of origin, nationality, place of residence and other. GCAS is a non-discriminating, multi-cultural and non-racist organisation. We ensure the privacy of all our applicants regardless of color, religion, race, gender, country of origin, nationality, place of residence, etc. Through our personalized service we increase your chances for a seriously planned and successful permanent residency or, if wanted, only a temporary stay in the USA.

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Corporate Information / Masthead

This site is owned and operated by GCSS Green Card Support Service GmbH, Rotherd 10, CH-6102 Malters, Switzerland. Tel. +41412820451. Responsible: Matthias Pfeiffer MBA. Corporate Registration at: Handelsregisteramt Luzern, CH- Place of legal issues: Hochdorf LU, Switzerland. Swiss VAT-No. 635 629. GCSS manages GCAS. GCAS is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by any official US government entity or agency of any kind. GCAS is a privately owned entity acting only in the interest of their clients.


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